Ibotta is a free cash back rewards and payments app. An outdated onboarding experience led to declines in user activation. The goal of this project was to double our activation rate. 


Confusion was one of the top three reasons users abandoned the Ibotta app and did not activate. Clearly stating Ibotta’s value proposition, making registration and onboarding faster, and designing an actionable home screen was our hypothesis for easing confusion and doubling activation rate. 

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New users needed an intuitive way to understand how Ibotta can benefit them on their first session, because when they open the app for the first time they are confused about what to do first. There was a disconnect with our marketing messages and app onboarding. 


Value prop

Showcasing Ibotta’s value proposition on the first session with three simple actions that define the value of the product: Shop, Pay, Earn, was used to capture attention and set expectations with the downloader.

Promoting our new payments product, Pay with Ibotta, was critical to the business as this was our first pivot into becoming a payments focused, fintech company.


Guided registration

Previously a user landed on a single screen with multiple input fields. Stripping down the registration flow into one question per screen and giving context for why the requested information is needed gave users confidence that what we were asking for was justified. Including a progress bar set expecations and gave users the impression that these monotonous tasks were a bit less terrible and less time consuming.


New homescreen

Many users expressed that they didn't know what to do after they registered. Prompting the user during registration for what their favorite store is and then showing them content for that retailer gave them a sense of familiarity with the app. Additionally, paying off the main advertising message promoting the $20 welcome bonus is prominent.

An action oriented "missions" section outlined concrete tasks for a user to accomplish that rewarded them with a cash bonus - Ibotta's main value proposition. 


Role & Responsibilities

I was tasked with using the user research provided in addition to technological, time, and business constraints to design a unique onboarding experience. The initial concepting of the value prop and registration flow was done in colloaboration with the senior product designer on this project, Chris Knutson. Copy was provided by our senior UX writer, Anieca Ayler. All of the prototyping and animations were produced by me in Figma.

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